This Friday (15/09/23), members of Lecale Conservation joined hundreds of activists and campaigners in Belfast to march through the city centre. The action, organised by climate activist Greta Thunberg across thousands of towns and cities, showcased some of the local conservation groups in Northern Ireland, and aims to progress plans for Northern Ireland, and the world to stop the use, and advancement of fossil-fuel energy.

Lecale Conservation Youth’s Energy campaign works to show that there are plenty of sustainable and renewable alternatives to fossil fuels, and that not only is it more environmentally sound, but cheaper to implement some of these alternatives. You can see more about the youth group’s work on our website

Members of the youth group joined Fridays For Future NI to demand that all parties commit to a renewable and sustainable future for the North of Ireland, with increased focus on energy, waste management and active transport.

Attending the event, Youth Leader Cathal Quinn said “It is so important that we are here today to show that the young generation does care about the climate, and we will not let those in charge take our future away from us.”

“I have chosen not to attend my school and study A-Levels today because I know that the stagnant approach to climate action in Northern Ireland falls far short of what is expected!” the school-striker continued.

To find out more about the aims of this event and information on  future events, you can visit their website at