Lecale members were delighted to attend the association’s recent Annual Walk at Holymount forest. The annual walk has been going on for over fifteen years, and members were delighted to see the ‘No Entry’ and ‘Private’ signs illegitimately erected at the entrance, removed for the first time in fifteen years.

Association Treasurer, Cadogan Enright said “This issue was first caused around 15 years ago, by a previous owner of the house that borders the entrance drive to Holymount, by putting up signs that suggest they can not enter, despite local people knowing it is a right of way, and the forestry service widely advertising it during the 1970s, 80s and 90s.”

“I was delighted when friend and colleague Patrick Brown MLA joined us in calling for access to be restored, and set up a meeting with Forestry Service Chief Executive John Joe O’Boyle to see for himself the lack of access being maintained. The Forestry Service head went on to confirm their commitment to Holymount as a public right of way.” he continued.

Below are Lecale Conservation members on the annual Holymount walk.