This was one of numerous sewerage spills onto Dunleath Park that often closed the playing pitches or Leisure Centre in the town from 2007 to 2012.

This photo shows Lecale member Cadogan Enright at the Plank Drain behind McDonalds from where sewerage had spread across Dunleath Park and playing pitches.

In all these cases we insisted on tests being carried out, and in some cases carried out tests ourselves to put pressure on NIWater.

This letter was received when we asked for tests to be carried out on the plank drain which we believe is pumping raw sewage into the Quoile.

The results are can be easily explained by looking at the table below.


As you can see 6-9 is polluted and 100 or greater is very polluted. The results from the plank drain place BOD levels at 77ppm which is a very worrying figure. The results show that the water surrounding the plank drain is in fact highly polluted.