John is Chairman of Lecale Conservation Association. He was a BBC electronic engineer until 1995.

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John Peacocke came to Downpatrick from Belfast in 1997. His lifetime interests are in the natural sciences, conservation, wildlife and the marine environment. In a previous life he was a Diving  Instructor, qualified to M4 grade with CMAS and CFT. Founder member of Irish UW Research team and worked on Inch Abbey, Girona, Trinidad Valencera, Amitie (Sheeplands 1797 wreck) .

Graduate of Open University.  John has been involved in Planning matters, both personally and as an officer of Lecale  Conservation since he came to Downpatrick.

He was elected Chairman at a time of Covid outbreaks, and has been chiefly occupied with  sustaining the activities and status of Lecale Conservation since then.  John`s long time  aim is to see the active membership increase ,drawing  from  a younger generation , and to  have  Lecale  Conservation maintain its valuable  influence  in our locality.