Offaly County Council

How do we know this information?

We discovered that in the 26 Counties it was more effective to use the European Directive on access to environmental information which mandates European public bodies to provide all environmental related information to be published to a fulsome extent, at no extra cost.  Comments about Offaly County Council here and in separate summary;


See the breakdown summary of the Council here:

Annual €
Rates Income from Renewable Energy Projects £12345
Income from Council’s own renewable energy £15024823
Cumulative annualised savings from energy savings campaign £324124
Savings from the electrification of Council’s vehicle fleet £12356
Rates Income from fossil fuel/nuclear electricity plants £99837
Rates Income from grid infrastructure and related plant £98675
Total  £1000000

We have also put the following questions to Carlow Council;

  • Does the Council have targets for public EV charging points in their area? Enter answers in red to each question
  • Can their local grid support industry and households moving to cheaper  decentralised energy production and consumption models?
  • Have they ensured that the grid in their area has the capacity to support the Irish or UK Governments’ targets for both the electrification of transport and the replacement of oil and gas for space heating by heat pumps, IR radiators and other electrical heating options?
  • Have they declared a climate emergency?
  • Does their Area Development plan have a joined-up plan for tackling Climate Change? Including each of the above points.

Council’s Replies

See the Council/DoF’s actual reply here:

A PDF of the Council’s response will be here soon.