Kilclief Residents Association were concerned about erosion at their beach caused by huge numbers of visitors and spraying of sensitive areas by Council workers.

The picnic area was falling into the sea and the car-park was nearly being undermined. Our Dune Restoration Project leader Cadogan Enright was contacted for help and meetings were arranged with Council Management, Council Biodiversity Officer and a plan of action agreed for a project on a smaller scale to Ballyhornan beach but using the same principles.

Chestnut Paling fencing was used to create sand traps and prevent human ingress to sensitive areas. Fences were erect to direct traffic to one of two paths onto the beach. Volunteers from Kilclief residents, Lecale Conservation and a Belfast Scout group who ‘adopted’ the beach planted large numbers of plants grown by Kilclief eco-charity True Harvest Seeds.

Kilclief Residents Association and Carryduff Beaver Scouts won a prize for the project at the annual Stormont Awards.